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On December 17, 2012, the first annual benefit was held in honor of Faith with tuition assistance awarded to one recipient and uniform allowance and movie passes to three recipients. In 2013, the GOO (Graciously Overcoming Obstacles) Awards were presented to three individuals to acknowledge and encourage them through their physical or life challenges. In 2014, the first FAITH hardship grant was awarded.



Board members:

  • Maresa Williams

  • Parris Williams

  • Monique Whittington

  • Shelby Wyatt

  • Reaver Barlowe-Bell

Forever Accomplishing Incredible Talents Headquarters (F.A.I.T.H) is a 501c3 charitable organization. The organization was founded in honor of a vibrant four year old little girl with an alluring smile, named Faith.  She loved to share her passion for God through songs and dance that often she created and some of these talents were captured on video by her brothers. In 2012, a fatal car accident ended her life but not her legacy. Faith warmed the hearts of countless souls to embrace the importance of living, loving, and being happy. The legacy of Faith’s life exemplifies the words from familiar song “If I could help somebody…then my living shall not be in vain” and because of the undying love of her family, the countless hearts she touched, and memories of an angel the Faith Elise Adora Williams Memorial Scholarship was established in her honor. The FEAW Memorial Scholarship currently awards financial assistance to offset the educational participation of elementary grade children in a parochial institution or Christian fine arts program such as dance, drama, or music. On December 17th of every year to commemorate the life Faith, a benefit is held to award the scholarship to the recipients and recognize the accomplishments of individuals within the community.

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